Tuesday, November 15, 2011

LIKE FATHER LIKE SON photographs by Sam Lim

I remember my dad doing a black & white bodybuilding photo shoot when I was a teenager. An image from the shoot still hangs in my mum's home gym. (A scaled down version from the training studio my dad used to run) It wasn't my intention to recapture that shoot with these photographs and it wasn't till Sam gave me the pictures on a disc and I started to look through them that I felt like I was looking at my father's images. (not all of them!) 

I wish I had the opportunity to have a friendship with the man who moulded me in his image and personality now as an adult.

In any case I dedicate this shoot to my old man. 

Photography by SAM LIM


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  1. Geez...these ran the gamut from sweet to stunning to SEXY BITCH (would your dad have approved of the nipple twist/hand in pants photo? Props if he would!). I love you, sweetie!!